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Ally's favorite memory with Katie is snooping around the Delta house and "sneezing on the founders". Brian Coffman - Groomsman. Jordan is Jon's best friend and roommate from college. Jon's favorite memory with Phil is playing Nintendo Switch and losing every time they play Super Smash.

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Alyssa enjoys running, hiking, and traveling. Katie Mackerty - Bridesmaid.

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Elsie is Ally's best friend from summer camp. Jon's favorite memory with Chris is singing with him in Men's Chorus as a freshman at Firestone. They were born a week apart and have been friends since they were born. With a little more discussion, we found out that their brothers were also in the same fraternity. Luke is one of Jon's best friends from high school. However, on Ally's 21st birthday, Jon reached out via text message, and slowly but surely, we once again started talking regularly. Jon's favorite memory with Derek is spending time with him in the booth every Friday night during football season.

Lauren Painley - Maid of Honor. Alyssa Schabel - Bridesmaid.

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Ally's favorite memory with Jess is having literally zero boundaries as roommates, as well as Sushi Tuesday. As we both moved on, we were still curious about one another, and somehow we knew that our story wasn't over. Lauren enjoys eating Taco Bell, being crafty, and penguins.

Mackenzie enjoys reading, laughing, and her many pets. Jessica is one of Ally's sorority sisters from college, as well as former roommate.

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It gave Jon a chance to collaborate with his brother and learn from Chriswhich always means the world to him since he looks up to him so much. Ally was getting ready to start her senior year at Otterbein.

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There was a box, in a box, in a box, in a box, etc Finally, we got to the last box Jon got down on one knee, forgot his prepared speech and asked the question Of course, Ally said yes, and we spent the rest of Family Christmas celebrating with our loved ones. Ally's favorite memory with Lauren is pretending to be the Cheetah Girls and making their own dance routines when they were in elementary school. Around Thanksgiving ofJon reached out to Ally to ask her ring size. Lauren is Ally's first best friend.

Conor is Jon's best friend from childhood, they went to the same school from 4th grade to 8th grade - then they went to Firestone High School.

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Jon's favorite memory with Brian is watching sports with him and seeing how Brian reacts during the game Brian wears his emotions on his sleeve. Ally's favorite memory with Carrie is any time they consumed Tim Horton's or Taco Bell together, especially if it was in disguise. He resides in Louisville, Ohio. Carrie enjoys making charcuterie plates, reading, and traveling. Katie is one of Ally's sorority sisters from college, as well as former roommate and sorority twin. He resides in Akron, Ohio.

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With occasional conversations here and there, Ally was crushing hard. And, surprisingly, there was one more huge box under the tree As she began opening the box, everyone whipped out their phones and iP to start recording and taking pictures Ally and Jon are grateful to Ally's cousins, Alex and Rachael, for getting the best portrait mode photos.

A few weeks later, Jon asked Ally out on a date-- to Jon's favorite Mexican restaurant, Poncho's, and to play putt-putt golf. Alyssa is one of Ally's best friends from childhood.

Jessica Takos - Bridesmaid. Come December, they started talking more and more, and in January, they began dating. Lauren is a cosmetologist and lives in Hiram, Ohio. As we did our family gift exchange, Jon was a nervous wreck, knowing he would propose by the end of it.

What a coincidence! Come Fall Semester, Jon and Ally got placed in the same choir.

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Carrie is one of Ally's sorority sisters from college and former roommate. So does Ally! Chris enjoys Cleveland sports, golf, and roughhousing with his brother. She resides in Buffalo, New York with her dog, Butler. On the ride over, Jon was gripping the steering wheel and hyperventilating, which made it pretty obvious what was about to happen.

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We went back to Jon's house afterwards to hang out with his cat, drink champagne Thanks, Aunt Rosie! Phil is Ally's brother.

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She lives in Columbus, Ohio. Then one day, Jon mysteriously had about 2 hours of errands to run. Ally's favorite memory with Elsie is sharing a table group as CYF counselors and being more immature than the children. He resides in Massillon, Ohio. A few weeks after that, we went out to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July in Canton and made it official-- July 4th, And we've been together ever since. Ally knew it was coming. Elsie Almodovar - Bridesmaid. She resides in Columbus, Ohio. Jordan resides in New York City. Conor Downey - Groomsman. Jess enjoys being crafty, makeup, and blowing things up.

Ally & jon

Carrie Coisman - Bridesmaid. During lunch that day, Jon mentioned that he had a brother that went to Capital University. Elsie enjoys art, baking, and dance. We really hadn't talked in 2 years. Chris is Jon's older brother and his Best Man. He resides in Houston, Texas. She resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. However, things changed when Ally told her brother to not tell ANYONE, but she had a huge crush on one of his fraternity brother's little brother. Cut to two years later.

She enjoys being handy, baking, and being a Google master. After all the gifts were passed out, Grandma went to go check and see if there were any presents we missed. Ally's favorite memory with Alyssa is hanging out during snow days and watching movies while tormenting Alyssa's little sister. Brian is one of Jon's best friends from high school. However, things happen, and after a few weeks, Jon and Ally broke up, as freshmen in college tend to do. In July ofwe both attended summer orientation and were sorted in the same group-- Jon being the only guy in the group.

Chris Bozeka - Best Man. Luke Williams - Groomsman. The main idea of this story is that Jon isn't good at keeping secrets. We both attended Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio. Mackenzie Boyer - Bridesmaid. Derek is Jon's coworker and Color Commentator for their football broadcasts. On December 23rd, we had our annual family Christmas party including a gift exchange. Mackenzie is one of Ally's sorority sisters from college. Ally's favorite memory with Kenzie is cleaning up the Schottenstein Center and finding inordinate amounts of nacho cheese as well as new identities as Carlo and Denis.

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