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Eclectic, engaging offerings and interactive opportunities await visitors to this museum. Use this welcoming boutique inn as your base to explore arts venues, parks, museums. This zoo is full of animals, adventures, activities — and so much more!

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Essential works Toys in the AtticPermanent Vacation The stats alone would be enough to secure this spot for the Bad Boys of Boston - more than million albums sold, worldwide stadium tours, enshrinement in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a raft of awards from Grammys to MTV moon men.

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Readers' picks are calculated from the lists readers submit. A e r o s m i t h Local tie Formed in Boston.

Essential works New Edition Like 30 like Add a comment. She stepped Like 64 like Add a comment 4 comments. Essential works The Warrior's Code If the concept of working-class Boston could be scientifically translated into a musical equivalent, it would be the sound of this endearingly scruffy band of punks. The band's Top 40 breakthrough in was icing on a long-cooking Like 57 like Add a comment 1 comments.

They were likely impressed, as so many still are, by the warmth of his resonant tenor - still undimmed by age - his elegantly intricate guitar style, and his gift for delivering Like 83 like Add a comment 2 comments. Essential works Joan Baez Joan Baez, pop musician? We can't argue with them. Essential works Magnolia soundtrack Til Tuesday, the band Aimee Mann formed in the early '80s after dropping out of Berklee College of Music, enjoyed one big single with the moody new wave anthem "Voices Carry.

New Kids on the Block were global pop stars, but you could tell from those accents that they were the pride of Boston. Assembled by Like 28 like Add a comment 1 comments. Essential works The Remainsreissued and expanded in Like Cape Cod rock band the Barbarians, the Remains should have been much bigger than they were. Whether celebrating Celtic pride or the heart of the working man, rooting on our home teams, or lionizing misfits, barflies, and brawlers, the Murphys manage to marry menace, mirth, and meaning into something Like 72 like Add a comment 6 comments.

How influential Like like Add a comment 8 comments.

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Essential works Bad Girls Disco was the genre that unleashed Donna Summer's astonishing voice upon the masses, and she reigned supreme in the Studio 54 glory days. Tweet Share E-mail ShareThis.

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Essential works Boston From the fertile mind of an MIT whiz kid Tom Scholz and an angelic vocalist from Danvers the late Brad Delp came an arena-rock band that broke ground in melding state of the art with state of the heart on its blockbuster debut. He may have started out a punk and underground rock pioneer, but Richman and his music have grown in wildly unexpected ways during a nearly four-decade-long career that remains creatively vibrant to this day.

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This was a band that tickled your brain and battered your psyche not to mention eardrums with aplomb bordering on annihilation. Like 62 like Add a comment 2 comments. Local Search Site Search.

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The woman born LaDonna Gaines transcended the ephemera of that era by bringing erotic heat and a beating heart to Giorgio Moroder's icy synths and pulsating beats on hits like "Love to Love You Baby" and Like 56 like Add a comment 2 comments. T h e C a r s Local tie Formed in Boston.

Essential works Let's Face It This rowdy, plaid-clad bunch, led by mischievous carnival barker frontman Dicky Barrett, was a true DIY success story long before the major labels got hip to its blend of serrated metal guitar, buoyant rock-steady ska grooves, a jubilant horn section, and a whole lot of punk snarl.

More than "just another band," Boston, which included guitarist Barry Goudreau, drummer Sib Hashian, and bassist Like 98 like Add a comment.

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But s and trophies can't possibly tell the whole glorious, raunchy, tumultuous, debauched, and Like 92 like Add a comment 5 comments. Listen on iTunes. Essential works Vs. Mission of Burma navigated the sweet spot between art and chaos like a bunch of post-punk PhDs.

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Thoroughly eccentric, totally inscrutable, completely charming. J o a n B a e z Local tie Got her start in area coffeehouses while living in Belmont.

There's a lot to be said for a band that sticks it out for 15 years before becoming famous, but you got the impression the guys weren't Like 85 like Add a comment 5 comments. The Cars were utterly canny, expert at cherry-picking the most iconic and broadly appealing elements of new wave, hard rock, and Top 40 and fusing the parts into savvy anthems that were somehow as Like 93 like Add a comment 5 comments.

Essential works Sweet Baby James The Beatles saw so much potential in a barely-out-of-his-teens James Taylor that he was the first non-British ee to their Apple label.

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Not exactly, but the folk matriarch ultimately transcended genre: She was the embodiment and lightning rod of her generation, a beacon of its hopes and indestructible spirit. B o s t o n Local tie Formed where else? Critics' picks 9 painful omissions 9 acts to watch Readers' picks Create a list. Essential works It's a Shame About Ray Evan Dando isn't the first near-superstar whose personal antics derailed his band's prospects, but he's Boston's own, which means that we know what much of the rest of the world has forgotten: Dando was and is a first-rate pop-rocker, master of sunny hooks and weary refrains that sketch alt-ennui in deceptively breezy miniature.

Moreover, it reconvened in after a nearly year hiatus and did it all over again, in a rare second act Like 50 like Add a comment 4 comments.

Essential works Hangin' Tough If you attended high school anywhere in the country in the late s, there's a good chance you heard a familiar refrain in your lunchroom: Who do you love most, Jordan or Joey? Essential works Doolittle The Pixies released only four albums in three years and never cracked the mainstream, but their artful embrace of musical extremes and radical subversion of conventions created a blueprint for the alternative rock explosion that would follow: whiplash dynamics, a ferocious collision of noise and melody, and cryptic lyricism that flirted with the primal and the surreal.

Essential works "Live" Full House Long before the No. Geils Band was known around here as something much more meaningful - New England's blues-rock saviors. With nothing Like 37 like Add a comment 1 comments. P i x i e s Local tie Formed in Boston.

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Essential works The Cars Every single song on the Cars' debut album is still in rotation on rock radio - no small feat considering the competition for nostalgia programming. Like 40 like Add a comment 4 comments. New York had Dylan, but we could claim Baez, since she moved to Belmont when she was 17 and dropped out of BU soon after enrolling.

Led by Barry Tashian, the quartet whose members formed while at BU was a regional sensation, playing a lean blast of garage rock and soul while selling out long-gone venues like the Rathskeller.

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A fearless, nimble negotiator of pop music stylings, Jonathan Richman is the ultimate cult artist.