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Tue, Jun 1- pm PDT. Online Zoom link will be sent out one week before the event date.

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Subscriber Exclusive Content. Falling petals—once a quotidian symbol of birth, death, and rebirth—transformed into a nationalist icon during Japanese colonial expansion.

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Share Tweet. Science Nat Geo Explores How the hunt for a 'missing planet' revealed asteroids in our solar system. Environment Planet Possible In Wyoming, fences are coming down to make way for wildlife. Travel Why Monterey Bay is the Serengeti of marine life.

Animals Elephants carry their babies for two years, and more mammal pregnancies.

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They were planted along the Tidal Basin in Washington D. During World War II the flower was once again reborn as a military symbol. Science Coronavirus Coverage The U. Science Coronavirus Coverage Biden administration expects to begin offering booster shots in September.

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Photographing the sleepless effort to save a cheetah. Animals Meet the incredible ice worm, which lives in glaciers. Travel Pastis, an iconic French aperitif makes a comeback. According to folklore, the mountain deity traveled to rice paddies on floating cherry blossom petals and nurtured the crop.

Tokkotai kamikaze pilots took to the skies with branches affixed to their uniforms and a single blossom painted on each side of their planes: A motif of their final flight and sacrifice to the emperor. Historic images show the centuries-long struggle for Afghanistan.

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Albert Bonsfills is a photographer based in Tokyo. How can tourists help?

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Animals Wildlife Watch Photos show why cheetahs are at risk—and how people are working to protect them. Will history repeat itself? Hanami, or flower-viewing celebrations, date back to the 9th century when Japanese emperors held viewing parties with their courts. Researchers find that people who only suffered mild infections can be plagued with life-altering and sometimes debilitating cognitive deficits.

Animals Photographing the sleepless effort to save a cheetah. Follow him on Instagram albertbonsfills.

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Animals Wildlife Watch How you can help fight the illegal cheetah cub trade. Environment Does Smokey Bear need a makeover? All rights reserved. InJapan gifted more than 3, cherry trees to the United States as a gesture of friendship and political alliance. Because of this relationship to rice—which sustained human life—the tree was regarded as sacred.

Embrace spring with pictures of japan's cherry blossoms

Though they've carried different meanings throughout the ages, they continue to bring communities together year after year under a common one: to celebrate Japan's most beloved flower. Cherry trees, or sakurasymbolize the evanescence of human life in Japanese culture—their blossoms are both brilliant and brief.

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Science Ripples in Saturn's rings reveal the planet's giant, slushy core. United States Change. In Tokyourban dwellers emerge from their homes and offices to take pause underneath the fleeting bloom, their daylong celebrations stretching into the night.

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Why are people so dang obsessed with Mars? A troubling picture emerges. Every spring a tapestry of pink blooms blankets the island nation of Japanstarting in the south and crawling northward. They decorated the armor of samurai, were tucked into the elaborately folded hairstyles of geisha, and graced the scrolls of poets.

How viruses shape our world. Environment Planet Possible 5 possible climate futures—from the optimistic to the strange. Science Fossil egg from prehistoric giant turtle reveals baby inside. Trees were planted at military shrines and throughout Japan—their falling petals a reminder of the fallen soldiers. Thus, a long bloom became synonymous with a fruitful harvest. Magazine As the Taliban return, Afghanistan's past threatens its future. Today over species of cherry blossom trees cloak the archipelago of Japan.

The era of greyhound racing in the U. See how people have imagined life on Mars through history.