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It's also possible to represent a date with reduced precision. Both store a DateTime along with a UtcOffsethowever, ZonedDateTime is also aware of time zone rules, which is an important distinction. To convert a string into a date-time primitive, use the appropriate conversion function, such as String. It could be in New York City, it could be in Tokyo. Similarly, you can use next or nextOrSame to get the next day of the week relative to the current date.

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The week associated with a particular date could fall in the prior or subsequent year, depending on how the week is defined. There's no concept of "date" without conversion to one of the other types. The Time class can be used to represent a time of the day in an ambiguous region. Practically speaking, this is the class you should use when you don't care about the local time and just want a UTC timestamp.

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While most platforms nowadays draw their understanding of time zones from the IANA Time Zone Databasetime zones and their rules change all the time and different systems might have different versions of the database or only a subset of it available. WeekSettings and the platform Locale type can be used to provide control over this.

Relative to any date-based primitive, it's possible to get the start or end of a given period, be it the year, month, week, or day. The ISO standard applies the present-day Gregorian calendar prolepticallywhich is to say, even to the time period before it was adopted.

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While region-based zones are generally preferrable, a suitable one may not exist in all situations. There are three different classes in Island Time that can do this, each serving a different purpose. Which units are supported will vary depending on whether the primitive is date-based, time-based, or both.

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A DateTime combines a Date and Timeallowing you to represent both in a single data structure, still in an ambiguous region. Due to daylight savings time transitions, it may exist twice or it may not exist at all. Fixed offset zones have a fixed UTC offset. Predefined parsers are also available that can handle other formats.

Unlike Datethere are no classes with reduced precision — a Time is always precise to the nanosecond.

Current local time in kiritimati, christmas island, kiribati

According to the ISO standard, that's Monday. A duration of time can be added or subtracted from a date-time primitive. So far, the classes we've looked at model dates and times in an ambiguous region, but often we want to unambiguously capture an instant in time. Island Time has a wide array of different date-time classes, each tailored to its own set of use cases.

International date line

Similar to Kotlin's data classes, each date-time primitive has a copy method available, making it easy to create a copy while changing any of properties. Different week definitions can be used by specifying the WeekSettings explicitly.

Region and fixed offset TimeZone. More often than not, you should use ZonedDateTime since it will handle daylight savings transitions correctly when doing any sort of calendar math, but you may want to consider converting to an OffsetDateTime when you persist or serialize your data.

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There's no guarantee that a DateTime will exist exactly once in a given time zone. These classes model the date and timekeeping system defined in ISOthe international standard for the exchange of dates and times.

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You can obtain the week and year as defined in the ISO week date system like this:. Any date-time primitive can be converted to an appropriate ISO string format by simply calling toString. For example, a YearMonth could be used to represent a credit card expiration date containing just a year and month. For example, we can create a DateTime by combining a Date and a Time.

An Instant is simply a of seconds and nanoseconds that have elapsed since the Unix epoch TZignoring leap seconds. In Island Time, a UtcOffset is just a of seconds that a local time must be adjusted forward or backward by to be equivalent to UTC. Time zones fall into two — region-based TimeZone. When it comes to weeks, we need to consider which day represents the start of the week.

Current local time in howland island, us minor outlying islands

The instants in time that define the start and end of a Date can only be determined in the context of a particular time zone — hence the ambiguous part. UtcOffset ZonedDateTime vs. We'll get into this more shortly, but it's important to keep in mind that working with and manipulating a DateTime directly can lead to subtle bugs.

The at infix function can be used to build up date-time primitives from "smaller" pieces. This makes persistance and serialization of ZonedDateTime troublesome since there's the possibility that when the stored data gets read later, the zone can't be found or its rules have changed, thus altering the local date and time.

Island Time.

However, depending on the locale, that may be on Sunday or Saturday instead. The Date class represents a date in an ambiguous region. Using OffsetDateTime guarantees that you'll never get an exception due to an unavailable time zone and that the value you save will be the value that's read later, making it well-suited for this particular use case. When working with ZonedDateTimeadding a day-based period of time may cross a daylight savings time transition, in which case, adding 1.

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Throughout Island Time's date-time primitives, you'll find a set of patterns that remain relatively constant, as well as a of properties and operators that simplify common tasks.