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Hello all, I am Vishal name changed36 years old and a very successful businessman who runs multiple businesses in a big city in the USA.

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My age I'm 27 years old
I like: Hetero
Eyes colour: Bright blue
My body type: My figure features is quite muscular
I prefer to drink: Red wine
Music: Rock
I like: Blogging
I have tattoo: My tatoos on shank

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I watched her as she walked off — she had an awesome body with a tight ass, she must be about 5.

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She finally became still and I looked up at her face she had a very contended look. It was great fun for both of us for almost 5 months — neither of us asked any questions about our personal lives or expected any in return.

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We just laid back on the bed she resting her head on my arms and looking up at me and me gently caressing her boobs and occasionally reaching down and inserting my finger in her pussy and gently massaging her clitoris. If IndianSexStories2. It was purely consensual with no strings attached — even when we stopped seeing each other, no one asked any questions it just happened with complete understanding.

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I quickly stepped up and helped get the cookie box and handed it to her. I made her lie on the bed and started inserting my tongue into her pussy back and forth and for the first time she started moaning — first slow low moans and then as I picked up my pace with my tongue her moans grew a little bit louder and her breathing got faster.

I started thrusting faster holding on to her hips and in this position I could really keep a good pace and thrust with more vigor. We were ready in a few minutes for another around and this time I wanted to do doggy style. Now, I am hoping I get someone like that again — any ladies interested please be at [ protected] — complete confidentiality is assured and as usual, no strings attached.

I knelt down at her feet, gently pulled down the panty and started placing kisses on her pussy lips. If only I found someone like that here in Dallas!!!! We agreed to meet at PM at my house, I gave her my address and hung up. After 20 minutes she saw that it was nearing the time to pick up her son from day care, kissed me good bye and left. Home » Couple » Affair With Housewife In Dallas This happened 10 months ago — my name is Siva, 33 years old — I am six feet tall and have an athletic body and am good looking as well.

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This happened 10 months ago — my name is Siva, 33 years old — I am six feet tall and have an athletic body and am good looking as well. Hope you all enjoyed it. This time both of us came at the same time with both of our bodies drenched in sweat — we just opened up the tap with lukewarm water and lay in the tub cuddled up. She gently aled to come up and I slid up on top of her, my cock brushing against her pussy entrance.

I got the al and started to push my cock a little bit more firmly and had the head go inside — she let out a little sigh and reached down to hold my cock as I pushed further.

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After 5 minutes of sucking I made her stand up and took off her pants, shirt and pulled off her bra. I gently held her at the back of her head and placed my cock on her lips — she opened up and started sucking like you would a lollipop. I travel to Dallas, TX every week for my consulting job.

We stood in the dim light of the garage for 5 minutes just kissing — as I sucked on her tongue, I started massaging her butt and then moved up to cup her breasts. Thinking that I finished my shopping and headed back.

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If you're on ISSstories. I lifted her up in my arms and took her in the master bedroom and laid her on the bed and started to take off my shirt — she just watched me with a smile on her face. I could see her face contour with doubt as my 8 inch monster started going in — I started a gentle to and fro motion and started pushing it in slowly — she started to lubricate as well and that helped. I said Yes — about 15 miles from here and in XYZ community, how about you?

Would definitely make life more sizzling on the weekdays I thought to myself. I am on a long term contract with the client and therefore bought a single family home in a nice neighborhood about 15 miles from my client work site so that I do not have to stay in a hotel during the weekday.

She agreed and I took her in the bathroom and had her bend over the sink and entered her from behind — in this position Anjali thought my 8 inch cock felt even bigger with me filling her up and touching her at depths.

She thanked me and I was blown over by her cute face and radiant smile. What did you think of this story?? One day — I went to the store to get some groceries to stock the refrigerator and pantry and was browsing through the snacks section and I saw a very good looking desi lady with her year old son reaching up and trying to get something from the top shelf.

I started to suck her nipples alternating between the two and she started to move her arms around my shoulders and lifting her hips so that her pussy entrance is pushing against my cock. She stood there just in her light cream colored lace panties and I could make out the outlines of her pussy lips through the lace. As I unbuckled my pants — she got up and pulled my underwear down and held my already hard 8 inch throbbing cock in her hands and looked up at me.

Her boobs looked real inviting with brownish nipples.

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She started thrashing a bit and I did not let go and continued my vigorous tongue fucking. I rushed home at PM buying a pack of condoms on the way and waited eagerly by the garage door. I picked up my pace and started to thrust with vigor now — the whole room rang with the sound of my balls slapping against her pussy and her moans — both of us were totally lost in the action kissing, thrusting, moaning all happening at the same time.

After 5 or so minutes of vigorous licking I could feel her thighs and body twitching and then she started shuddering and started Cumming. It became our schedule to meet at least once if not twice a week to meet at my place for a couple of hours, have two sessions of passionate sex and go our own way. Next day I got a call around noon from her asking if I was going to be at Starbucks today and I could not make it due to work and hung up feeling happy that she called.

After what seemed like 10 minutes she came again with a loud moan and I continued to thrust and in a couple of minutes I came with an earth shattering orgasm — she held me tighter as I was attempting to pull out and aled me to come inside her.