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Owning a home can be a big job, especially when you want to add features like retaining walls, raised garden beds, or decorative gravel around trees and shrubs. Depending on the quantity you need and the type of vehicle you own, it may be better to hire a company to deliver landscaping materials for you.

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Concrete blocks provide insulation from sound, heat and cold and are unaffected by termites and extreme temperatures.

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They are often found in load bearing walls, house foundations and basement walls, fire-rated partition walls, security barriers and landscapi. Sand is a loose, granular material. Typically a subsoil, fill dirt is nearly free of organic material to minimize settling.

Crushed recycled concrete can be used for riprap revetments to prevent erosion, as a substitute for landscaping stone and mulch or as retaining walls. Using crushed recycled concrete helps keep construction costs down and minimizes waste dumped in landfills. Crushed recycled concrete is concrete aggregate from demolition sites that is processed through a crushing machine then sorted by size.

Made from cast concrete, concrete blocks are a common building material.

They are comprised of cement and aggregates such as sand or gravel. It can be formed naturally through weathering and erosion or produced by quarrying and crushing rocks such as limestone, sandstone and basalt. There is a wide variety of types of gravel including pea gravel, crushed stone, marble chips, quarry process, Jersey Shore gravel and river rock. When used with poured concrete, rebar can increase strength, reduce thickness and help reduce cracking and breaking. Fill dirt is a natural, unscreened, earthy material that may contain a mixture of rocks, sand and stones.

Choose from fill or building materials including: gravel, fill dirt, topsoil, concrete building blocks and mix material, rebar, precast concrete, asphalt, sand, clay, river rock, limestone, crushed recycled concrete, riprap and manure. Fill dirt is used for highway shoulders, low-lying construction sites, landscaping projects and pool installations. Available in a range of sizes and colors, gravel has numerous commercial uses. It is often used in construction projects including buildings, roofing and driveways. Gravel is a loose aggregate composed of rock fragments.

Rebar is a reinforcing bar made from alloys and steel and used to help concrete withstand tension forces.

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If it is free from contaminants, the crushed recycled concrete can be used to mix new concrete. Fill dirt is primarily associated with filling depressions or holes in the ground, but it has a wide range of uses. Sand is ideal for base leveling and necessary for mixing concrete. It can also be used in landscaping projects, as fill for volleyball courts and playgrounds or to embed pipes underground.

Crushed Recycled Concrete Crushed recycled concrete is concrete aggregate from demolition sites that is processed through a crushing machine then sorted by size. Smaller pieces of crushed recycled concrete are commonly used as sub-base gravel or as a base layer for asphalt pavement.

Most commonly, gravel is used for driveways, road surfaces and concrete manufacturing. It is one of the most widely consumed natural resources, second only to fresh water.

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Sand is found at beaches, riverbeds and deserts. Rebar is rust resistant and manufactured with ridges to help poured concrete adhere easily to the steel surface.

From building runways to creating islands, fill dirt is essential for numerous construction and renovation applications. It is naturally formed through the erosion of siliceous and other rocks.

Gravel is also used for landscaping, railroad ballast, construction fill, water filtration, roofing shingles and winter road treatments. Cinder blocks may also contain fly ash or bottom ash. Available as a natural material or washed and screened, sand is a versatile material.