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Laredo has been often been called one of the best road trip destinations in South Texas see this and thisfor example. And we agree. Big cities like San Antonio pride themselves on their Mexican cuisine, but Laredo is arguably the best place to find delicious, Mexican-inspired dishes in South Texas.

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Thanks to the blending of two distinct cultures, modern Laredo is unlike anything else in Texas. Originally the home of the mayor, the building also served as the capital for the Republic of the Rio Grande. Fishermen will enjoy the many bass, catfish, and carp found in the lake and everyone else will enjoy skiing, boating, swimming, mountain biking, hiking, cooking out, and camping. Inside the city limits, and running ten miles south, is Zacate Creek.

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It was not long, however, before centralist forces arrived to crush this federalist-inspired rebellion, headed by Antonio Canales Rosillo and Antonio Zapata. The population of Laredo rose from 3, in to 13, by This period also witnessed a memorable political confrontation, which took place the day after a hotly contested city election in April Out of the violence later emerged the Independent Cluba Democratic party machine that tightly controlled city and county elections until After the Mexican Revolution of and the subsequent political instability in Mexico, Laredo became a refuge for thousands of Mexican citizens seeking a stable, peaceful, and more economically secure environment.

The ford upstream could be crossed by a person on horseback, while the one downstream could be forded by sheep and goats. In the early years of the settlement, colonists reported no problems with either the Coahuiltecans of the region or with the Comanche and Apache Indians.

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Carlos E. Support Texas History Now. Laredo, TX Carlos E. Places: Communities. Laredo was one of the towns to receive this redirected trade. Stan Green, ed.

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In water mains were laid and telephone service inaugurated. The establishment of the Rio Grande as the international boundary divided the town of Laredo, many of whose residents had homes and ranchos on the right bank in Mexico. Though Laradoans identified with Mexico, they felt their needs had been neglected for decades by the central government. Laredo was the first Texas border town below Eagle Pass to secure a rail connection, and it remained the only one until Brownsville, near the mouth of the Rio Grande, acquired rail service in By the Mexican National railway linked Nuevo Laredo with Mexico City, creating a system that became vital to the growth and development of Laredo and instrumental in making it the gateway to Mexico that it is today.

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The last twenty years of the s witnessed economic growth stimulated variously by the railro, coal mining some twenty miles upriver, and the introduction of onion farming inwhich opened the area north of the city to irrigated farming. The first election for local officials was held in Laredo grew steadily: its population rose from 85 intwo years after its founding, to in and in The latter figure included Carrizo Indians, who were enumerated in a separate census. No effort was made to place Laredo under the jurisdiction of Texas until the Mexican War.

Lamaroccupied the town. From to Laredo had no resident clergy but was visited on occasion by Franciscans stationed in Revilla later named Guerrerosome sixty miles downriver.

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Anglo Americans had settled in Laredo during and after the Mexican War and Civil War, but their s were small compared to the influx brought by the railro. During this period the fifteen leagues granted to the community were held in common. Laredo continued to witness the marching of troops during the period of hostilities between Texans and Mexicans in the s. During the Somervell expedition a revenge-seeking army of Texans sacked the town. The residents of Laredo continued to consider themselves citizens of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

After the war, Texas leaders generally considered the Rio Grande to be the southern boundary of the new Republic of Texasbut they made no effort to extend jurisdiction over the border region. The army outpost saw almost continuous service untilwhen the facilities were turned over to the newly established Laredo Junior College. The early s witnessed development on a of fronts.

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The development of maquiladoras along the border during the s and s, as well as the North American Free Trade Agreement of the early s, ensured that Laredo would continue to be at the forefront of social and economic activity along the border. The arrival of the railro produced marked social as well as economic changes.

Twenty-three of the porciones were left unased at that time, however, because of a lack of demand. In Laredo became the county seat for newly established Webb County, which was named after James Webba friend of Lamar's. The looted goods were ordered returned to the citizens by an outraged Gen. Alexander Somervelland some were restored, but Laradoans claimed that Texans kept other goods worth 12, pesos.

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Laredo's modern era began ina watershed year that saw the establishment of the Laredo Timesthe arrival of the Texas Mexican Railroad from Corpus Christi, and the completion of Jay Gould 's International and Great Northern Railroad from San Antonio to the border. Colonists, however, proved reluctant to make improvements without holding private title.

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In late the rancheros of this region revolted, and in January insurgents proclaimed the Republic of the Rio Grandewith Laredo as the capital. Published by the Texas State Historical Association. In the principal streets were improved by grading and graveling and a city hall and courthouse were constructed.

The first public school to be established there since the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo also opened that year. In the viceroy appointed a commission to oversee the partitioning of lands in Nuevo Santander.

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In the early years of the war much of the cotton passed through the border town of Brownsville, Texas, but in the fear that Union troops might capture Brownsville drove the trade farther west. It ed the Ursuline Academy, established inand the Laredo Seminarylater known as the Holding Institute. A of other families who did not wish to live under the American flag chose to move across the river to what became the village of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. The threat from Indian raids was compounded between andwhen troops from Laredo were called away to combat insurgents and filibusterers along the Rio Grande.

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The political alignment of the town has been attributed to the dependence of the propertied classes there upon the Laredo presidio, which remained loyal to the Spanish crown. In Laredo's first public school was established. They soon found that lack of rain restricted farming to the riverbottoms; the rest of first land lay too high above the river for irrigation.

The Handbook of Texas is free-to-use thanks to the support of readers like you. It is served by Interstate Highway 35, U. This cosmopolitan city is a major port Laredo entry for international trade and tourism between the United States and Mexico.

After the war the field was deactivated, and the property reverted to the city of Laredo, which used it as a municipal airport in The base was reactivated and renamed Dates Air Force Base in April ; it was closed permanently fun The population of Laredo increased from 22, into 39, in60, inandin By the population reachedIn spite of periodic economic instability, Laredo by the early s had become one of the state's most active centers for import and export trade with Mexico. It was renamed after the fallen Mexican War hero, Lt. James Simmons McIntosh. As the s of Anglo residents grew, intermarriage declined and a separate Anglo society developed alongside the original Mexican community.

During the Civil War the Union blockade of the southern coast caused Confederate cotton to be shipped to Mexico, where it could be exported from Mexican ports.

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Seb S. The following, adapted from the Chicago Manual of Style15th edition, is the preferred citation for this entry. No thank you, I am not interested in ing. Fort McIntosh was established a mile west of Laredo on March 3, The post, originally called Camp Crawford, became critical in the protection of the community and the Rio Grande frontier. As the surrounding ranchos became more prosperous, however, raids by Comanches and some Apaches became a concern.

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In addition to seeing to the distribution of land, the commissioners raised Laredo to the status of a villa, a town with a governing body. Support the Handbook today. Allowing for the possibility that Indians might one day congregate there, the commissioners set aside a place for them on the right bank, across the river from the town.

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The raising of livestock-chiefly goats, sheep, and cattle-thus became their principal livelihood. Though no Indians lived at Laredo initially, bands of Carrizo, Borrado, and Lipan would occasionally come to trade after the community had become established.

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Rich oil and gas finds in the area surrounding Laredo in the first quarter of the s gave an added boost to the Laredo economy. A military garrison was established at Laredo inthough it is not clear if troops remained in the town continuously thereafter. Zapata was captured and executed in March, and in November Canales capitulated and ed the centralists.