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QuickFacts provides statistics for all states and counties, and for cities and towns with a population of 5, or more. Some estimates presented here come from sample data, and thus have sampling errors that may render some apparent differences between geographies statistically indistinguishable. The vintage year e.

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Slave Narratives.

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Spanish Missions. Howell, on Hoke Smith. Art in Georgia since Trending Articles. During ReconstructionBlack men were given the right to vote, and as Blacks became more involved in the Atlanta Saloon.


David F. Cite This Article. Atlanta Race Riot. Walter White. On Sunday, September 23, the Atlanta newspapers reported that the state militia had been mustered to control the mob; they also reported that Blacks were no longer a problem for whites because Walter White. In the months leading up to the August election, both Hoke Smiththe former publisher of the Atlanta Journaland Clark Howellthe editor of the Atlanta Constitutionwere in the position as gubernatorial candidates to influence public opinion through their newspapers.

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Walter White's Description of Riot. The crowd also attacked streetcars, entering trolley cars and beating Black men and women; at least three men were beaten to death. Most s agree that only two whites were killed, one of whom was a woman who suffered a heart attack on seeing the mob outside her home. By early evening, the crowd had become a mob; from then until after midnight, they surged down Decatur Street, Pryor Street, Central Avenue, and throughout the central business district, assaulting hundreds of Blacks.

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Scott Pope. Georgia Stories: The Race Riot of Tenant Farming. Extra editions of these s, sensationalized with lurid details and inflammatory language intended to inspire fear if not revenge, circulated, and soon thousands of white men and boys gathered in downtown Atlanta. The candidates for the governor 's race played to white fears of a Black upper class. During the Atlanta race riot that occurred September, white mobs killed dozens of Black Georgians, wounded scores of others, and inflicted considerable property damage. Textile Industry.

Atlanta city, georgia

By disenfranchising Blacks, whites could maintain the social order. The mob showed no s of letting up, however, and the crowd was dispersed only once a heavy rain began to fall around a. Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites, a division of the Department of Natural Resources, protects more than 85, acres of natural beauty at more than sixty parks and historic sites in the state. Atlanta was then under the control of the state militia.

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By late September, after newspaper reports of four separate incidences of alleged assaults by Blacks on white women circulated in Atlanta, mob violence erupted. City leaders, including Mayor James G. Woodward, sought to calm the increasingly indignant crowds but failed to do so. The decade of the s was the beginning of an auspicious period, which has since continued and flourished unabated in the history. On Monday and Tuesday, city officials, businessmen, clergy, and the press called for an end to violence, because Le Petit Journal. Its aftermath saw a depression of Atlanta's Black community and economy.

Since receiving the right to vote, Smith argued, Blacks also had sought economic and social equality. Civilian Conservation Corps. Newspaper s at the time and subsequent scholarly treatments of the riot vary widely on the of casualties. Vernon Jordan Herman Talmadge Welfare and Poverty during the Civil War. Black Legislators during Reconstruction. The emergence during this time of a Black elite in Atlanta also contributed to racial tensions in the city. Moina Belle Michael NGE Topics. In addition to the political debates waged in the Journal and the Constitutionother newspapers, especially the Atlanta Georgian and the Atlanta Newscarried stories throughout the year about alleged assaults on white women by Black men.

In response, three companies of heavily armed militia were sent to Brownsville, where they seized weapons and arrested more than African American men. Atlanta Saloon. Hide Caption. Meanwhile, sporadic fighting continued throughout the day. A shootout ensued, and an officer was killed. The group was heavily armed.

Ware County.

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The media provoked anger and hatred in its white readers—with stories, editorials, and cartoons warning of rising crime, the danger to white women of rape by Black men, the disreputable saloons that encouraged drunkenness and licentious behavior in "brutish" men, and the desire of "uppity" Blacks to achieve equality with whites. By Atlanta Race Riot. Georgia State Parks. Atlanta Race Riot of Original entry by. Although Herndon had closed down early and was already at home when his shop was damaged, another barbershop across the street was raided by the rioters—and the barbers were killed.

Thomas Butler King John D. Gray Mary Frances Early b. Samuel Nunes ca. Hattie Saussy Genetics of Cotton.

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Hoke Smith. Charles Wesley Georgia Trend. There were other consequences of the riot as well, both locally and nationally. Causes of the Riot. Estimates range from twenty-five to forty African American deaths, although the city coroner issued only ten death certificates for Black victims.

Further Reading. Smith, with the public support of former Populist Thomas E. Watsoninflamed racial tensions in Atlanta by insisting that Black disenfranchisement was necessary to ensure that Blacks were kept "in their place"; that is, in a position inferior to that of whites.

The mob attacked Black-owned businesses, smashing the windows of Black leader Alonzo Herndon 's barbershop.

The riot contributed to the passage of statewide prohibition and Black suffrage restriction by It discredited for many Black leaders the accommodationist strategy of Booker T. Washington among the leadership of Black America, and gave new legitimacy to the more aggressive tactics for achieving racial justice epitomized by W. Du Boiswho wrote a powerful poem, "The Litany of Atlanta," in the riot's wake.

Nancy Harts Militia. The rise of the textile industry in Georgia was a ificant historical development with a profound effect on the state's inhabitants. Local newspaper reports of alleged assaults by Black men on white women were the catalyst for the riot, but a of underlying causes lay behind the outbreak of the mob violence. Finally, the militia was summoned around midnight, and streetcar service was suspended.

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Le Petit Journal. Charles E. Choate March in Georgia History.

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Ralph David Abernathy Edward Telfair Casimir Pulaski in Georgia. Explore This Article Contents. Lucius D. Clay Helen Dortch Longstreet Spud Chandler University System of Georgia. When Fulton County police learned of the gathering, they feared a counterattack and launched a raid on Brownsville.

From Our Home. On the afternoon of Saturday, September 22, Atlanta newspapers reported four alleged assaults, none of which were ever substantiated, upon local white women. Although it had a profound effect on many of those who experienced it, the riot was forgotten or minimized for decades in the white community and ignored in official histories of the city.

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