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us at The Riverfront for free festival fun that's perfect for the whole familiy this August! On a Friday evening from 6pm there is live music on the terrace in Live at the Riverfront, then us at Splashtonbury Saturdays from 10am-4pm for free creative arts activities, wonderful street theatre plus fantastic live music from local artists. Our fitness memberships include personal support — have a free health check and weekly 1 to 1 fitness session.

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The very nerve center of the City by the Sea 's bustling downtown area, Thames Street is lined on either side with a myriad of shops, restaurants and bars, making it a worthwhile place to stop between morning mansion viewings and sunset sails. SHOP: This picturesque, charming setting is made for window shopping with enough choices to fill your entire day. For more ways to shop like a local, check out ShopLocalRhodeIsland. DO : A stroll down the area's cobblestone paths will also give way to Instagram-able shots of historic homes and unparalleled views of the Newport bridge over Narragansett Bay. As for things to do in the area, you really can't beat a visit to the famous Newport Mansions. The Breakers is the grandest and most famous, but all are beautiful and each has it's own fascinating stories to tell.

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He calls this fixed-schedule productivity. I went to bed, devices still safely tucked into the couch pillows, and slept for nine hours. John Fawkes in Mission. Things get accomplished. Newport says the trick to knowing what tasks are shallow versus deep is measuring in months how long it would take to train a smart college grad to complete it.

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Don’t “follow your passion”

After I read this chapter, I took a bath, left my phone and laptop sitting on my couch, and luxuriously lolled about letting myself pick apart some story ideas without any Googling to verify this or that fact. Remember the Eisenhower Matrix? And beyond that, I feel better when I spend more time in the zone. Urgent-important vs urgent-less important, etc?

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Jerry Zhang. You essentially shuffled some papers instead of laying bricks to build a house.

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It was perfect timing. The Now Habit Book Summary.

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The one benefit connecting with family and friends can come at the expense of the many downsides that same tool might have. Writers can figure out dialogue for the key climax scene and teachers can conceptualize a lesson plan.

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For me, that means in my creative life I need to stop spending so much time looking up places to submit my writing and spend much more time actually writing. I knew Deep Work would be just as good, if not better. This helps clear some ambiguity over tasks that may be important filing a certain report but not deep. Jessie van Breugel. The 4DX framework was developed by business consultants and discussed in The 4 Disciplines of Executionand to me, it echoes the spirit of the Eisenhower quadrant.

Not to mention, all the life-supporting drudgery that must get done like laundry, working, cleaning out the fridge, bathing and occasionally having a social life.

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These efforts tend not to create much new value in the world and are easy to replicate. Omkar Mirajgave. in Get started.

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I knew I needed a system to get myself in the right state of mind to consistently create. Get started. Luckily, Newport gives plenty of ideas to get you started on building it into your daily life. Send me a note! Not all of us work on solving computer science algorithm problems like Newport, but this technique can translate across most disciplines.

Open in app. Any time spent in a flow state feels amazing. I call it the Cal Newport Effect. Novelists can work on a plot points and musicians can work out a tricky fingering section mentally.

On the pleasures and sorrows of life without screens

False urgency is hard to manufacture, but if you give yourself goals and deadlines, such as I have 90 minutes to finish this article or, I start winding down work at pm every day, you can keep yourself on task easier. Cal Newport might change your life. Connecting with a fellow personal development nerd will make my day. Newport uses examples in his own life as well as Radhika Nagpal from Harvard University, and Adam Grant from Give and Take and University of Pennsylvania fame to demonstrate that you can produce — quality and quantities of work — working a 9—5 with no weekend work.

Newport adapted 4DX to support deep work:. Atanas Todorov. These are the ones I found most salient.

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And, I needed a kick in the pants to keep my work train rolling. Hiker, outdoor yoga teacher, and lifelong library lover. It was amazing. That 45 minutes felt like three hours of solid thinking.

5 practices from deep work by cal newport that’ll change your life

Newport gives a of tips that helps you create time and space for getting in the flow state. Get my book reviews and more directly in your inbox. Kate M. Anisa Nasir in The Startup. Nina Semczuk.

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in. Will Moyo. When I woke up, the same story points I had started pulling apart while soaking in Epsom salts came back, and I spent a solid 45 minutes going deeper while staring at my ceiling fan. I think of it as picking at a tangle of hair instead of saving it for when you have time.

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More from Nina Semczuk Follow. And it was. Checkingfilling in a spreheet, responding to a general request in Slack, tweaking the monthly slide update — these are all examples of shallow work. Staying In Control. Time stops. Get started Open in app. While most jobs require plenty of shallow work, you should try to minimize and contain it as much as possible.