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Burlington High School senior Parker Ballard misses high-fiving his friends in the hallway and doing hands-on chemistry experiments.

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The family — Kat, her mother, brother and 2-year-old son — agreed to hunker down and abide by Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker's stay-at-home order. Kat stopped grocery shopping in person and ed up for a delivery service. Still, for several decades, Vermont's demographic trends have told a fairly consistent story: Economic prospects are bleh, young people are leaving, and everybody is getting older.

A Massachusetts family is using an inheritance to leave a crowded public housing unit and buy a house in Brattleboro. She lost her father to cancer in February, just before the pandemic began.

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If the back-to-the-land boomlet is any indication, people seem to be drawn to Vermont in times of social and political crises; those were also the days of the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement. That's why she wanted Seven Days to use only her first name: She worried that her future neighbors would shun her if they learned she moved from Massachusetts, which has the highest COVID case count in New England. Vermont's population last grew substantially between andthe heyday of the back-to-the-land movement that drew young city dwellers to the woods in search of meaning and morels.

But Missouri had no statewide mandates to wear masks or to physically distance from others. She says she'd feel the same if the roles were reversed. We kind of wanted a new start, and we wanted somewhere safer," Kat said. V ermont has always appealed to certain kinds of escapists — the homesteaders, the reclusive artists, the doomsday preppers, the celebrities who don't want to be photographed while buying half-and-half. Long before the pandemic, the couple dreamed of moving to Vermont. She spends her free time riding on the Burlington bike path and swimming in Lake Champlain.

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When the deal closes on September 11, Kat will be leaving the only place she's ever known for a place she's never been. The family loaded up a gigantic U-Haul truck on July 31 and set out on the 1,mile trip. She broadened her search to other states and virtually toured three homes, including one in Brattleboro that's two hours from both her grandparents' home in Massachusetts and extended family in central Vermont. She's seen photos of the house and read the inspection report but hasn't been there in person.

Within two weeks, he was dead, and the coronavirus became all the more real.

In the slope-side towns of southern Vermont, school enrollments are spiking. Kat was reluctant to admit that escaping the coronavirus is one reason she's moving to Vermont later this month. We've got a park to go hike around in," he added, referring to Red Rocks Park.

A family friend of Unger's connected the couple with David Parsons, a real estate agent in Chittenden County, who gave them virtual tours of about half a dozen houses in the Burlington area. She knows that the proper name for soft-serve ice cream is creemee, and she named her pet hamster Maple. Lydia Perrigo, 12, could easily pass for a native Vermonter. Meantime, his pronunciation of "Adirondacks" — rhyming with "clocks" — could use some work. Vermont's case counts look manageable now, but that could change — and Kat worries that natives could blame newcomers.

Each of the stories in this package says something about the state of Vermont, not all of which is flattering. Reichard, a fifth-grade teacher, figured he could get a job almost anywhere. Dating apps are suddenly filled with people who are "visiting the area from [insert name of major metropolitan area] to see if I want to move here in a few months" or "chillin here for the rest of the pandemic, hmu. A self-described worrier, Kat is surprising herself with the move.

Burlington high school students feel the impact of remote learning

Having read those comments, Kat can't help but feel like she's intruding. He feared it would only worsen when 40, college students moved back later in the year. As the of cases grew — reaching 1, in just three weeks — Reichard worried their city's bubble would burst. The family had been planning a move and had even considered relocating to Europe until the pandemic quashed that hope. That's really what it is. In March, when their jobs went remote, they started looking for properties in Vermont.

The kitchen window of Unger and Iarkova's apartment offers sweeping views of its parking lot. They had vacationed in the Green Mountain State — they're particularly fond of the craft brewery scene — and found an ethos that resonated with them.

Peoria's main attractions are Lake Pleasant, a 10,acre man-made reservoir, and the Peoria Sports Complex, the spring training facility of the San Diego Padres and the Seattle Mariners. Will some of the telecommuters eventually Vermont's workforce?

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As the world continues to warm and ecological disasters become more intense and frequent, Vermont, with its relatively cool weather and abundant water supply, seems poised to become a destination for climate migrants.

Will Vermont embrace a younger, more diverse population? Moving during a pandemic creates its own type of worry. They wanted privacy but not total seclusion, proximity to Burlington International Airport, enough land for a garden, and an in-law apartment for Unger's mother, who decided to move with them from Santa Monica, Calif. Realtors across the state say they're selling homes at warp speed, sometimes sight unseen.

He'd visited the Burlington waterfront back then and remembered that Vermonters were a friendly bunch. At one point, they made an offer on a house in Shelburne above asking price; two days later, the property went to someone whose bid was even higher. Twenty-two hours later, they arrived at their Ledgewood condo in the South End. Lydia's got bike paths to ride.

This population boom has contributed to some of the worst air pollution in any U. August was Phoenix's hottest month on record, with an average high temperature of Climate scientists have warned that the city could face a water crisis within the decade; recently, Unger said, he read an article in a Phoenix paper about a new housing complex whose developers couldn't guarantee that buyers would have access to water for their homes for the next years.

The new vermonters: fleeing covid, newcomers find temporary — or permanent — refuge in the green mountains

With few hard statistics to draw from — fill out the Census, people! And a lot remains to be seen: How many of these new arrivals will stick around? Now that their day isolation is complete, the family has been exploring their new state. Lydia has already had her fair share of creemees. But now, as the COVID pandemic wears on and Vermont makes national headlines for its containment of the virus, its stock as a refuge has been rising.

Another posted, "In a very small area, it can be scary, considering this virus can kill. He appreciates the state mask mandate, too. Starting over is what is bringing year-old Kat to Vermont in the first place. At last, in late June, they found a four-bedroom house on 11 acres in Underhill with a finished in-law suite in the basement. Disenchanted with the Missouri governor's response to the pandemic, a family left the Show Me state for Burlington last month, seeking safer pastures.

All of the homes were snapped up by other buyers, sometimes just hours after Unger and Iarkova had seen them. A Brandeis University student got stranded in Vergennes over spring break and became a leader in the city's efforts to fight racism. Twenty-eight-year-old Iarkova, a web developer for a payroll software firm, has lived in the Phoenix area since she was For the past four years, Phoenix has attracted more new residents than any other city in the country.

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She was diagnosed with a blood circulation disorder that makes it difficult for her to stand for long periods or to climb the stairs in the family's small public housing apartment. When the pandemic hit the family's hometown of Columbia in early March, the mayor issued a stay-at-home order and closed schools and businesses to slow the spread.

What does this mean for rural communities and a housing market that's already unaffordable for many?

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But as Seven Days ' reporting shows, the wave of pandemic newcomers is much more diverse than that set. The family unpacked and settled into their new home during their two-week quarantine. At the end of March, a German friend told Reichard that news media there were depicting Missouri Gov. Mike Parson as the poster child for a failed coronavirus response. Hildebrand, who works for a company that sells textbooks to colleges online, had been working remotely for months. They donned matching Schoolers featuring the Burney Sisters — Lydia's favorite band — and took lo of silly selfies when they stopped along the way.

They used Instacart for grocery delivery and registered for Burlington's Supportive Quarantine Programwhich provides new residents and returning students with a care package of face masks, a gift certificate to a local for and a library card. Posts in a Brattleboro community Facebook group seem to confirm her fears. Then Kat got sick herself. But in March, U. Postal Service data show, requests to forward mail to Vermont addresses jumped 70 percent from the year — a possible consequence of wealthy people decamping from Boston and New York Vermont to shelter in dating at their vacation homes in Manchester or Stowe.

In the summer issue of the quarterly Vermont Environmental ReportMihaly pointed to the influx of online residents during the pandemic as a harbinger of what's to come. But at the same time, after losing her father and friend, Kat said her family will be more careful than most to keep their physical distance.

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Even better, it's single-story and near a hospital in case Kat has any health complications. She started looking at listings in her hometown, Natick, Mass. We've fought the good fight here, but we've got to get out of Missouri,'" he said. Kat's father left enough money to make a move possible.

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The irony that his family fled one college town for another is not lost on Reichard, but he thinks the testing protocols at the state's colleges and universities are solid. Her mom and brother have found remote jobs, but Kat, who lost her retail job when the pandemic hit, hasn't yet found work. The Green Mountains made the family's list of possible destinations because Reichard had worked at Mount Snow in Dover 15 years ago.