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The driving scenes, first in snow, and then in dust, are unfailingly gorgeous and vast.

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A masterful hour of television preceded it, as cinematic and ambitious as anything you might find on the big screen, filled with operatic lurches of plot and mood that left me feeling that I had witnessed something astonishingly good. Small events have big : Varga is undone by CCTV at first, then facial recognition technology later.

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She describes how she was taught to approach a situation as if she was in charge, right down to the way she walks and puts on her hat. Of course Lancashire ended up in both Last Tango and the outstanding Happy Valley, and one of the most fascinating parts of this hour sits Wainwright down with the police adviser who partly inspired the shape of Catherine Cawood. Rebecca Nicholson.

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He seemed set for a happy ending, with his fortune stashed away and his family back together, but we were tricked: in the fridge, over a plate of jelly, Mr Wrench finished what Nikki began. Reuse this content. It is a credit to the show that it does not offer any immediate reward, instead presenting a five-year gap between Gloria realising what Varga David Thewlis, always terrifyingly good at playing the creep, is on top form as the repulsive, grotty-toothed mastermind has been doing, and actually getting her man.

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Fargo review — a stunning and unsettling finale. The stripping of the business would have been legal, were it not for tax evasion. Plus: the incredible career of screenwriter Sally Wainwright.

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T he third season of Fargo Channel 4 ended with a cliffhanger, leaving its audience guessing as to whether good or evil, corruption or faith, would triumph. Coon is on a roll at the moment, having run away with the final season of The Leftoverstoo. Thu 3 Aug Topics Fargo TV review Television reviews.

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But Fargo embraces coincidences, no matter how farcical or how dire the consequences of just one strange twist may turn out to be. While sometimes gruesome in its over-the-top violence — the storage unit was straight out of a Tarantino film — Fargo is also very beautiful.

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TV review Fargo. Despite that stamp being finally and ominously discarded in the driveway — it meant nothing, after all — he, too, had to wait five years for his fate.

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Coincidences often make for lazy drama: the new season of Top of the Lake is suffering from an over-reliance on them, the way its characters are connected by blood and location and seemingly separate crimes all feeling a little too convenient.