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Paterson movie review () | a shout-out for all the poets | full analysis with spoilers

Two men are having an amatory discussion about their love life. We have cynics and pessimists in real life too, the people who will always see their glasses as half empty no matter how good their life must be. Then he looks down at the glass and feels glad, because some things always remain the same. It messes with the most basic of things baffling human mind.

But the hatred is mutual. Paterson hates Marvin.

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Since we have been witnessing his life on the big screen, we are aware of his insecurities and his dreams. Doc is one of those rare good friends Paterson has who maintains a wall of fame to tack the best the city has offered so far. As he is in the process of leaving the bed, his partner Laura Golshifteh Farahani talks about a dream she had about having twins.

Paterson in Paterson. Paterson movie is for every poet out there, who is invariably humming the hidden metres of life. Life used to be simpler. That being said, if you love to read between the lines, you are going to absolutely love this movie. The monstrous dog is a paragon of our extreme abhorrence. Some are funny anecdotes, some are historic facts, some are conversations about life. It is hard to put a movie in words when there is much to say and no matter what you say, it would never be enough. It is that itchy part of her adorable partner Laura Golshifteh Farahani that he has to put up with.

With time, things start becoming more complicated. Like a shoebox.

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The way things begin and then end in the same pattern. I look down at the glass and feel glad. All this we will give you.

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Work used to be simpler, as simple as driving a bus. It is an intellectual remark on how everything in our life is interrelated. Another one is more of a poem on confusing things. It is evident when we see literally every moment in the Paterson movie when Laura kisses Paterson, Marvin grumbles. A glass of beer still makes him feel that life is only as complicated as one makes it.

Laura is like one of those motivators you see on TV, a success story listening to which makes you feel good, but you often end up ignoring out of lethargy or unsurety. We keep them on hand, always. It is obvious that it appears Marvin has Paterson on the leash, as he tries to tug him towards places he wishes to go.

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To take the dog out every night is part of that blotch that Paterson has to lug. Hope you will enjoy my thorough movie analysis. He has a supervisor named Donny Rizwan Manji who fails to get small talk. We have to act cool amongst our buddies, and then end up becoming a slave to lust. It could also be a subtle wink at metres and rhymes that always somehow sound alike in a poem, and Paterson movie is nothing less than a poem. When Paterson says he goes to a bar to have a beer, it is him untangling himself from a piece of that complex paranoia. She is that quintessential motivator who gives you plenty of strength, believes in you and makes you immensely happy.

At a later point in time, we are shown that it is none other than Marvin who tilts the mailbox to cause Paterson inconvenience. Yes, the flick is basically a poem too, and poems are supposed to be read between the lines. For a poet like me, it meant the world. He sits down to write not just so he could finish things in a day, but he chooses to write whenever he feels like or whenever he gets time. Paterson watches his watch as time passes by. Images of his shadow, the city in movement, are all suggestive of it. But Paterson is hard to beat when the Bar shows up.

It is probably one of the finest movies I have seen in a while.

So Adam Driver is a bus driver in Paterson. Now technology muddles life. I really think you should do something about those beautiful poems. Nevertheless, witnessing it all take form is a beautiful experience per se. Since we find him observing a matchbox, and then carving a poem as he walks his way to the bus station.

It is like that elusive dream you are after that will put you right up with the elite. The constant war to please the other sex, and then to please the same gender, will forever be on. While there could be many interpretations of Paterson, for some it could be vacuous, for some it could mean the world, or it could mean nothing. She has him even painted on the wall.

Then some say there can be five, six, seven… I knock off work, have a beer at the bar. If you try to understand him a bit more, you will realize he is a guy who can only see his problems.

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He has probably served in the Army once, an allusion that he has tried different things in life, and he chose the one that suited him the best. It is this ability of him as a poet to linger on things and thoughts that transfigure into real-life objects. You could personify that ugliness into a person or a thing whom we forever overlooked in our hunt for contentment.

You have been doing it for so long that no matter how awesome it might have been at one point, it has one day ceased to be. He orders Marvin to stay out every night while he disappears in for hours to have his beer and chat with Doc Barry Shabaka Henley. Laura is that epitome of life, brimming with buoyancy and the feeling of hope in your life.

We later realize that the Paterson movie is full of instances where twins show up. They talk about lost opportunities but are content with the way things have panned out for them. It is their perspective that they have learnt to be cool with, even though unknowingly they have become hideous for judging women; So we see through the contemptuous scorn of a girl who alights from the bus. The bloke has a menial job.

Laura is obsessed with Marvin. He has a hidden knack for writing extraordinary poems that he steals time to pen. A poem already taking form. It has been this way since ages. He walks back home every day to find the mailbox tilted.

We have plenty of matches in our house.

Every element in the movie like Paterson and Laura or even better Paterson and Marvin, like black and white stay juxtaposed to mean something, and yet we are all so attuned to it, that we overlook it all. He is calm and composed, maintains a rare form of equanimity throughout the flick. The way Monday begins with the movie and then how the movie ends with a Monday. Chess is merely a personification of it, a nod to the mind games we are always dealing with every second of our life. Paterson is a bus driver in Paterson. There are circles and patterns everywhere, in cheerios on curtains, on bus wheels, in the poem about molecules, and in our lives.

We once again close in on a conversation in the backseat. Besides he has his poems to burn bright. But he remains neutral to everything in life. He aspires to be a poet after all. Paterson movie is spread out gorgeously throughout a week.

Poems that perfectly capture the beauty of rains

Paterson is more of a realist. Compare it with yours. She constantly urges him to do the right thing by making a copy of his poems, but Paterson simply nods to her. I am sure there are a lot of instances in your life that would fit the bill.

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But you do it anyway to earn your daily bread.