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Elite lady Without male profile for pof

If you do not have this, then you are investing like an amateur! A Proof of Funds Letter POF is a letter, bank statement, PDF, screenshot, or other document showing that a person or company has the financial ability to close a real estate transaction.

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Not everyone using online dating sites is looking for love.

My age 24
Ethnicity: I'm bolivian
What is the color of my hair: Chestnut
I like to listen: I like to listen classical
I like: My hobbies reading

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The immediately disconnected and a different called me back. But lying about the state you're in is unnecessary. Her profile says she is maybe 25 miles away.

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And when I went to their customer support about a refund day one, they refused and actually referred me to use Match. I suggest that anyone on this site, especially older women, google dating scam profiles and techniques. A link has directed you to this review. Your profile says you're 20 miles away when you're actually or more. The website only recognizes my credentials the same user ID and password sometimes. Plus, I can still communicate with the ladies for free.

Every time I log on I get at least 2 propositions from call girls within about 10 minutes. This was all done with my smartphone. The only way to see their profiles or message them, requires paying for their service upfront, just so the person that just hit your profile with a wants to meet, ignoring you and treating you like a terrorist. When I look at a woman's profile, I see the picture first. Vulgar is an understatement. Many times I get "incorrect user name or password.

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Like even, if they work in conjunction, they still are telling me that they don't have service to provide even though I paid, here's another one, pay more money cause they're better. If the profile sounds OK, then I write. That's a pisser when you've taken your time to write this person because you think you might eventually make a connection.

This profile has not been claimed by the company. Then I look to see where she is in relation to me. She isn't even in the state of GA. In reality, she is in Tennessee. It's the real profiles that lie that are hard to tell. I keep coming across women that for some reason unknown to me feel like they have to lie about where they are. And in some cases maybe every day.

The site has what seem like quality women on it but with that log in problem I will never pay to upgrade. Once you request a reset of your password, they send you no s. A day or two later, I try to log in and it works.

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If I think she is close enough to actually date normally, then I read her profile. It's fake, sadly they can't possibly think this can go on forever! Total total SCAM! Then later on telling the person where you actually are after you've gotten to know each other and have met a few times.

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One thing that I know pisses off men is taking a few mins of their time and writing some strange woman on the internet. Also, there were two others that aroused suspicion. Only to find that they have lied and are totally in another state. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. I'm pretty sure I was just scammed. I tried to send an to customer care at POF. It was sent back to me saying I had the wrong domain and I did it through my Gmail - my Google mail.

I have been on this site for 2 years off and on and I have yet to meet one person that takes dating seriously. Only to find out she isn't where she says she is. Even when I did change my password it didn't recognize the new one. But to lie to the point of being in another state and just pretending to be closer, Well, to me that's a lie right off the top. Watch out for the fake profiles. I've been using this for about a month and I have only talked to one real person.

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When in reality she is in middle Tennessee. It has not changed in a while. In 10 attempts to log in on different daysI may get in half the time or less. A turnoff.

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And two other ladies got scammed. Stay away from POF. Very disappointed. reviews

The person spent almost two hours getting me to share my computer screen and also my phone on the pretense of refunding me money. I have only been on POF for about 10 days, but have been contacted by two proven scam artists and another two strongly suspected. I've messaged them twice about this with no response.

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Well do you have a good evening and thank you very much for your time. Then they harass you with multiple messages that people want to get in touch with you. I can understand telling a stranger on a dating site that you live in the next town over. None of the profiles are verified and the men are disgusting perverts for the most part.

I don't want anyone to give me the exact place they live right at the start.

Online dating: new technology transforms age-old, sometimes frustrating search for dates or mates

It's just stupid. Instead they send an that their department is so busy with s that you got to figure things out of how to try logging back on again. Most men want a woman that is close enough that he can see her every weekend. When she really isn't. I am reporting POF. My was hacked, they deleted access, and now I cannot access it at all.

I am retired law enforcement.

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I see many fake profiles that do such as this. Sometimes you won't know until you've wasted your time. A big lie. It seems sorta stupid and counterproductive to me. In other words, A woman's profile will say that she is in Atlanta. Its location on this may change next time you visit. Note that this may not have anything to do with POF. I tried to call a online that was listed as a support. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Now it's from both genders The entire website is a scam!!! Most of the time it's easy to tell the fakes from the real.

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But, I also see a legit profile that also does it.