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Second, we did not want to limit the target audience to just girls, because we do not believe they should be held solely responsible. We conducted initial testing of one of our interventions with Western Cape schoolgirls and are in the process of conducting follow-up. Because these relationships are often concealed from the public eye, it is difficult to know how to effectively target these girls to help them make healthier choices.

Post Prev Blog Prev blog. Such intergenerational relationships are thus at least partly responsible for the high prevalence of HIV among young women.

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First, we thought hard about the problem definition read about how we define a problem. Next Blog Next blog.

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First, we did not want to assume a solution a priori. And if younger girls are perceived to be less likely to have HIV and perhaps even able to cure HIVthen these older men seeking multiple partners are looking for young girls. Taking the lessons from these campaigns, we approached our problem definition differently. We look forward to updating you on our progress, and to seeing our potential impact on the beliefs, attitudes, choices and opportunities of schoolgirls in South Africa.

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If one has to reciprocate gifts with sex, then older men with higher incomes and jobs are more able to afford sexual partners. Third, we know that while changing human nature is impossible, we could change the context in which decisions are made. But we also found that young women want to resist the advances of sugar daddies, and are looking for tools to help them.

According to a recent studyschool-age girls in South Africa are 3 times as likely to be HIV positive as boys the same age. These beliefs cause dangerous behaviors.

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What is the cause of this disparity? Follow ideas The excess costs of living with scarcity in the U. This link will direct you to one of our partner sites.

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Anti-sugar-daddy billboards used in international settings have portrayed girls receiving gifts, attention, cars, and fancy clothes from their sugar daddies, inadvertently sending girls the message that sugar daddies are desirable.

If having multiple partners proves your manhood, then these older men feel pressured to have multiple casual girlfriends. Empowered by this diagnosis, we deed two interventions to try to empower girls to make healthier choices and bring the community up to speed on how to help.

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In addition, many people are confused about the relationship between age and HIV risk. When you sleep with an older man, you in effect sleep with all the people he has slept with and their partners. From anecdotal s, interviews and our study of the context, we learned about three societal constructs that may offer clues to the answer:. We found that it is hard for young women, particularly those who are socio-economically disadvantaged, to say no to the immediate benefits sugar daddies provide.

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They perceive boys their age as promiscuous, and older men as more serious. Floor 30, New York, NY tel From anecdotal s, interviews and our study of the context, we learned about three societal constructs that may offer clues to the answer: These beliefs cause dangerous behaviors. We are currently working with the Western Cape Government on a campaign to raise risk awareness and reduce the incidence of intergenerational relationships.

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From this problem definition we generated some potential hypotheses for why young women choose to be in intergenerational relationships, and refined them in the course of several conversations with young girls. For a detailed review of campaigns, see our advisory packet.

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And the campaigns that try to do so can backfire. They see the gifts, the money, the car rides, and the restaurants, which they interpret as s of commitment and love.