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His approach is methodical, yet he makes clipper work look easy. Learn how to get started by identifying de placement, stenciling, fading within the de, and tips to take basic de skills to the next level. Passionate about hair, Miguel Rosas opened his first barbershop in his teens, routinely being the first to show up at his shop and the last to leave. It started as a trend and has become a fundamental…personalizing the haircut with de artistry. An expert with any Wahl tool and all hair textures, he is known for his diverse skillset and ability to take clipper cutting to the next level, using clippers in ways that others cannot.

He fully embodies the notion that hair is where art and de meet.

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You can see his work from the Barbershop 3 Mobile Grooming Tour. Not only completing his classes and training, Jose chose to learn from the experts in local barbershops and salons at every chance he could get.

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Shelley aims to close the gap between the barbering and cosmetology mindset by encouraging hair artists to add to their sense of creativity behind the chair with the ability to maneuver a multitude of tools. After being honorably discharged following a knee surgery, Rick was tasked with writing the next chapter of his life. She owns City Salon and Spa in the Scottsdale area, while also contributing her expertise as an instructor at a leading Cosmetology school.

Picking up her favorite pair of Wahl clippers has turned out to be a life-changer for Kristi.

Inspirations for your next getaway.

This paramount combination also allows him to inspire other professionals in education and leadership. Have fun, get creative, attract new clients, and make more money!

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Kristi ed W. Always striving to learn more, Kristi continuously strengthens her techniques and encourages her students to learn different hair textures to be more prosperous in the industry, especially multicultural haircutting techniques. Skilled in cutting diverse hair types and translating information well, teaching is ingrained in his skillsets.

The blueprint seamless fading is key. From winning the most excellent student in barbering workshop at high school graduation in to winning the first Wahl Online Barber Battle in he demonstrates his dedication and continuous effort in his growth and professional development. Being a member of W. d in both cosmetology and barbering, Nieves is recognized for his advanced yet simplified clipper cutting techniques, such as Chicago graphic hair des—also known as hair tattoos—in addition to his blending and fading techniques.

Are you at the point in your career where you desire to expand your skills? You can follow Lauren online as she creates content on barbering, education and of course, her favorite Wahl tools. A master of fading, cutting hair is his strongest passion, creating change with his hands and his favorite pair of Wahl clippers.

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from hard work and dedication. She also shares her skills with the homeless, receiving national recognition for spearheading a local event for the homeless. A multi-award-winning artist d as a master barber, cosmetologist and instructor. He shines not only as a good barber, but an excellent role model. Pivot Point-trained, Cosmo instructor, American Board certified hair colorist, barber Tom Quigley has challenged himself in every possible way throughout his highly technical career in the salon.

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An advocate for philanthropy, she continues to give back by sharing her industry knowledge accumulated from over 20 years of experience. Anthony is known for exuding confidence, whether he is in the classroom or performing on stage. He now teaches specialty master barbering workshops, hands-on clipper classes and certified educational seminars with Wahl Professional.

Next Event. Instead, barbering chose him. Striving to motivate, educate and inspire through teaching, Corina uses her social media presence to interact and share her authentic style with those across the world.

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Becoming more proficient with these techniques will expand your skillset, enhance your client base and increase your revenue. Creative and innovative with his hairstyles and des, Miguel ed W. ing the Wahl Education platform had been a long-term dream and goal of his, and having it come to fruition is nothing short of amazing.

Attending countless hair shows, seminars and competitions winning 25 trophies to date inspires Kevin to continue gaining knowledge and understanding the responsibility to give back. Wahl Education has an easy, simplified method to creating hair des. End August 5, Category: Uncategorized.

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With his sharp ability to learn and succeed, Jose Barba is a testament to the advantageous initiative of investing in yourself. Gustav graduated with high honors and earned an AAS degree in barbering, cosmetology, esthiology and nail technology.

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Anthony seamlessly connects with all crowds, thanks to his inclusive clientele. From basic des to elaborate portraits, your clients continue to push outside their comfort zone by experimenting with fashion colors, disconnected styles, and personalized des. Tom proves that haircutting skillsets are not inclusive to geometric, short or mechanical, but can be visual with movement—considering all the factors in creating a haircut. Gustav delved into the industry to make creative, high-fashion haircuts that are easier, faster and better with clippers.

Between traveling and teaching, she never forgets to reflect on her gracious opportunity to change lives. But behind Lauren the great hair artist is an exceptional businessperson and social media guru.

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Tracey has done just about everything — excellently — at some point during her versatile career: National Educator, Cosmetology Instructor, d barber and cosmetologist, and most recently: Education and Artist Coordinator for Wahl Professional, U. And while Tracey is just as comfortable behind the chair as she is in the classroom, her infectious personality has led to countless students finding their true potential with every curriculum she creates and every classroom she le. Laura ed W. In addition to her year imprint on the industry, Laura strives to be an agent of change in transforming the industry to dissolve industry titles and embrace creativity, encouraging artists to challenge mental boundaries to be versatile in their skillsets and with their tools.

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Related Events 27 Feb. Event. Her strengths meet social media, customer service, retail sales and salon productivity maximize her versatile potential behind the chair. His drive to motivate others armed with his bilingual talents allows him to seamlessly translate talent and techniques in his education, teaching nationally in English and internationally in Spanish in such places as Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru. Shelley finds creative inspiration all around her, putting her own spin on nationally-evolving trends and reveling in new challenges with enthusiasm. Highly respected among the beauty, barber and fashion cognoscenti for his innovative, evolutionary approach to hair, third-generation master barber Gustav Mendoza routinely creates breathtaking and modern hair while pushing industry boundaries.

Known for his clipper styling techniques that combine barbering with styling, his vast knowledge proves beneficial, practical and successful for all who watch him perform. This class is deed to help you achieve the perfect taper and fade for all hair types and lengths while successfully controlling lines of demarcation. He is known for executing intricate des and portraits, along with his positive attitude, charming new ideas and the ability to intrigue others while educating and demonstrating new haircutting techniques.

Together, his education and training led online to the Wahl Education and Artistic Team, teaching stylists and performing groundbreaking hair shows. With some guidance from his wife, Rick made the leap and enrolled in barber school—graduating one of the most successful barbers today. Benny is a passionate watch for the culture of barbering and the beauty industry. One of the greatest rewards from working in the industry is working as a mentor to some of the top professionals in the industry.

Joliet love for the people and the industry shines through in his education platform, consistently inspiring and motivating crowds to be their best at their skills and in business. With over three decades of experience and advanced haircutting training for Emmy award winning stylists for the Make-up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild I. Dominant on social media, her competitive and aggressive nature has upheld her position in the industry as an icon and influencer.

From cutting hair at the age of 13 to becoming the owner of three barbershops, hair artist Anthony Barmer, a successful business owner, brings his extensive expertise in clipper cutting to Wahl and W. T for more than 18 years. All of his techniques can be translated in both English and Spanish, expanding the capacity of his education to reach even more professionals.

Kristi Faulkner, engaging educator, multicultural-inspired artist and salon owner, is an avid enthusiast for the industry. Initially inspired to pursue a career as an educator in the industry after attending hair shows as a student, Nieves is proud to be a part of W.

Utilizing knowledge from both her barbering and cosmetology backgrounds, Lauren Milner brings a wide perspective of haircutting to demonstrate to professionals of all skill levels new ways to improve their techniques, helping lead to increased efficiency. From grooming horses at the young age of 14 to owning a salon today, April Guiliani Amarillas has always been skilled with a pair of clippers.

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d master barber and cosmetologist, d barber and cosmetology instructor and W. His ability to attract and captivate a crowd with his raw talent and sense of humor places him as a go-to barber for major television, film and record companies. The now W. Even while being in a platform that many may admire Benny pursues continuous education in this he communicates that learning is a never-ending journey and that a good leader not only has followers to whom he has the responsibility to influence in a positive manner but that a good leader also has the responsibility to follow those that procced them and have the experience to take them to the next level.

Having a motivated mindset from a young age, and a philanthropic spirit, Kevin has traveled to Vietnam, China, Philippines, Hawaii and Mexico to donate his barbering services to the less fortunate. Her clientele is as diverse as her skillset, cutting hair for local celebrities, professional baseball players, reality TV stars, along with contributing work for select music video productions. A champion barber, top educator and award winning stylist, Christina Goree surpasses the industry standard.

With her passion equates the pragmatic business aspect of the industry—the combination at which Lauren excels.

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You are the Artist, get to know your canvas. Now, Jose has emerged as an expert, participating in training classes, hair shows and barber battles regularly, even educating a group of barber students in China last fall.

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Known for her innovation, originality and impeccable de work, Corina remains humble and dedicated to this competitive and fast-moving industry. With over 30 years of combined experience as a Master Barber and Barber Instructor, Laura skillfully generates and directs all educational opportunities and events for Wahl.